Amhara Women Entrepreneur Association


We have different service the main cluster are!

Capacity Building

The Association’s focus is to increase the ability of the businesses and entrepreneurs that it represents. This service entails offering members chances, tools, and assistance to improve their understanding, aptitude, and competence in a range of entrepreneurial and company management-related areas. It offers mentoring, coaching, training, company development services, value chain optimization, business startup, and other related activities.

Capacity building encompasses aspects like financial management, marketing strategies, leadership abilities, information technology, and innovation in order to create competencies.

This pillar also includes industry insights and knowledge-sharing platforms.


AWEA consistently works with local, regional, and federal government agencies and organizations to promote and lobby on behalf of its members’ voices as well as the voices of all women entrepreneurs. It aims to establish policies and a business climate that encourage women entrepreneurs in the Amhara region to have access to finance, resources, and land.

Networking and Exposure

AWEA aims to build networks among its members, facilitate peer learning among entrepreneurs, and establish connections with markets. To accomplish this pillar, AWEA has collaborated with a number of organizations, including associations, financial institutions, and government ministries. The association plans to establish a networking platform featuring trade exhibitions and experience-sharing events for its membership base, with a membership of over 150,000. While some of these entrepreneurs are just starting out, others have developed into medium- and large-sized businesses.


The Amhara Women Entrepreneur Association’s mentorship service is a valuable resource that empowers women entrepreneurs by providing guidance, support, and expertise from experienced mentors. This service plays a crucial role in fostering the growth and success of women-led businesses.

Purpose and Objectives: The mentorship service aims to bridge the gap between aspiring or early-stage women entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals who have already achieved success in their respective fields. The primary purpose is to offer guidance, knowledge-sharing, and practical advice to help mentees navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

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